Obtaining A Bond

At D&D Bail Bonds our licensed bail agents have the experience and expertise to assist you or your loved one with obtaining a bail bond in Mississippi or throughout the United States. Once you've contacted us and provided the information necessary to begin the process we will send a bail agent to that jurisdictions facility with the legal documents required to release the defendant. Most of the time we can arrange for a clients release within a few hours of your initial contact, however policies in place at the particular facility may affect this time, most require that the booking process be completed, i.e. photo, fingerprinting and an outstanding warrant check, before our bail bondsman can secure the clients release. We will keep you informed throughout the process.


The cost of obtaining a bail bond differs from state to state but in Mississippi the cost is 10% (15% non-residents) of the bond amount set by the court (minimum $100) plus a $50 processing fee. Some counties have a jail turn key fee usually $25.