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How Bail Works

Simply put, bail is an amount of money deposited with the court to ensure that you show up for required court proceedings. You may post bail in cash, and you are then released from custody once posted. However, if you fail to appear on your court date, you forfeit all the posted money to the court. On occasion, due to the severity of a crime, the court may deem it necessary to set a large bail. If you do not have the cash, a bail bond will often be accepted.

How is bail determined?

When determining bail, the judge typically looks at a few factors, including:

  • Whether you’re a danger to society
  • The seriousness of the crime
  • Previous criminal record
  • The probability of appearing in court

Posting and Paying for Bail

Once an amount is set, whether by yourself or a third-party, the court will issue a court order proving the defendant may be released. Payment is generally made in the form of cash or an approved substitute, such as money order or cashier’s check.

What happens after posting bail?

Once you have posted bail, the court issues a court order to show you were released. A court date will then be set for the near future. If you fail to appear, local law enforcement will find you and arrest you. The money you put down for bail will be forfeit to the court, too.

Getting Released from Jail

If you cannot post bail, calling a bail bond agency will help secure your release within a matter of hours. If you can post bail, the process is smooth and straight forward. Simply wait for the proper documentation to be drawn up, sign the paperwork, and prepare for the upcoming trial.

Released from Jail Without Bail

On occasion, the court releases people “on their own recognizance.” A defendant released on O.R. must sign a document promising to appear in court. Typically, defendants released on O.R. have a strong connection to the community, making them unlikely to flee from the case.

What Happens After You Are Free on Bond

Generally, when bonded out, a bail bond agency requires the defendant to visit their office and fill out the appropriate paperwork, including bond rules and responsibilities forms. Check-ins with the office are common. The defendant is responsible for appearing at all court dates, on-time and prepared.

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