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If you recently learned of a loved one’s arrest, don’t panic. In most cases, when a person is taken to jail for an alleged crime, the judge sets bail at a specific amount. If you can furnish the funds to post bail for your loved one, you can secure his or her release from jail. But that doesn’t mean the ordeal is over.

After you post bail for your loved one, he or she will be free to await upcoming court dates outside the confines of the jail. But if your loved one misses any court-ordered appearances, you’ll lose the money or property you provided to secure that person’s release.

Though the process sounds pretty straightforward, bailing someone out of jail isn’t always simple. And for many people, paying for bail with cash or property isn’t financially feasible. That’s when the services of a licensed bail agent become necessary. Before you contact a bail agent, however, there are a few critical pieces of information you need to know. The experts at D&D Bail Bonds have provided the details below.

Information You Need to Secure a Bail Bond

If you don’t have the cash or property to post bail, you’ll need to get a bail bond from a licensed bail agent to get your loved one out of jail. When you contact a bail agent, the agent will need to know several details about the defendant. Make sure you have the following details on hand:

  • The name of the defendant. To process the bail bond paperwork, the agent must have the full legal name of the incarcerated defendant. Be sure you know the proper spelling of the defendant’s name and, if necessary, any aliases that person may have used. The defendant’s birth date may also be required, so make sure you know that too.
  • The location of the jail where the defendant is being held. You’ll need to find out the full name of the jail, as well as the city and state in which it is located.
  • The defendant’s booking number. All inmates are assigned booking numbers when they are processed into the jail. If you don’t know the defendant’s booking number, you can call the jail to ask.
  • The defendant’s bail amount. To provide you with the most suitable bond option to meet your needs, you must know the amount of bail set by the judge. If you don’t know this number, you can call the jail to inquire.

In addition to the defendant’s personal information and details about the jail, there are several other things you should know about working with a bail bond agent. We’ll discuss those details below.

The Fee You Pay Is Nonrefundable

When you use the services of a licensed bail agent, you’ll pay a nonrefundable premium, which typically amounts to 10% to 20% of the total bail amount. When the case concludes, regardless of its outcome, that money will not be returned to you. Before you try to secure a bail bond, make sure you are financially capable of paying that nonrefundable fee.

You Must Sign a Waiver

When you secure a bond from a bail agent, you’ll need to sign an indemnity agreement. This agreement releases the bail agent from responsibility for any property or financial losses you may experience as a result of bailing the defendant out of jail. If the defendant misses a court-appointed appearance, you’ll lose any money or collateral you provided to bail that person out of jail.

Bail Agents Can Track Down the Defendant

If you use the services of a bail agent to secure the defendant’s release from jail and that person misses one of their court dates, the bail agent has the right to track the defendant down. Because the bail agent stands to lose money if the defendant forfeits bail, he or she may utilize the services of a bounty hunter to locate the defendant. When the agent finds the defendant, he or she can turn that person over to police custody.

Need a Bail Bond?

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